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Quality Siding Systems

“It goes beyond the type of siding or the thickness of the panel. It actually starts with the walls inside the home”

A good siding system should achieve the following goals:

  1. Maintain installed R-value ratings by restricting air movement in the wall cavity.
  2. Shed water from windows, doors, and other penetrations.
  3. Control moisture flow by blocking the penetration of water into the structure and allow moisture from the inside to escape and drain to the outside.
  4. Provide an exterior cladding that when installed properly will last according to the manufacturers warranty.

A poor siding system that doesn’t achieve quality goals:

  1. Allows air flow to move through the wall, lowering the r-value of the insulation resulting in higher heating and cooling bills.
  2. Allows water to enter building through window and door frames due to improper flashing.
  3. Traps moisture in the wall promoting rot and mold growth.
  4. Gets covered up by inexperienced installers and leads to a poor outcome and possible structural damage.

Premium Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding is the perfect choice for homeowners looking to upgrade to a more beautiful, low maintenance home exterior at an affordable price. Because of its growth in product offerings, vinyl has become the leader in exterior cladding. Here are just a few of the benefits:


It’s not just gray or tan in 2 styles anymore. Manufacturers now boast multiple designs that duplicate everything from Cedar Shake to Board and Batten and panels that mimic brick and stone. You can choose these panels in an array of colors and textures; from deep blues and barnyard reds to cedar blends and earth tones. Whatever you’re looking for, we’re sure to have you covered.


Vinyl stands up to today’s harsh elements. Vinyl won’t rot or become damaged from insects. Vinyl won’t rust, peel or blister. It is impact resistant and its color will last year after year

Low maintenance

With minimal cleaning (once per year with soap and water for general cleaning) and making sure caulked joints remain sealed; your siding will remain beautiful and trouble free for years to come.


The average installed cost of vinyl siding is ½ the cost of other exteriors such as wood or fiber cement and 1/3 of the cost when comparing it to brick and stone veneers. According to Remodelers 2007 report, homeowners that had new vinyl siding installed were able to recoup an average of 83% of the cost.

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Fiber Cement Siding

Are you looking for an upscale product that will give you the true appearance of wood or stucco but without the headaches involved to maintain it? With its authentic wood grains, prefinished colors and a 50 year manufacturer warranty, you might want to consider fiber cement siding.
  • It has a real wood charm and can be installed with a prefinished color or ordered primed ready for your own custom color.
  • It comes in a full system of siding, soffit and trim. Making your home virtually maintenance free.
  • Products can be combined on a project truly making it your own design.
  • It is thicker and stronger than vinyl or aluminum sidings.
  • It is resistant to rot and insects, unlike wood or real stucco.
  • It is flame resistant, unlike wood or vinyl.
  • Low maintenance – No more scraping, painting or moving ladders. Because the pre-finish comes with a 15 year warranty, all you need to do is lightly power wash the siding 1-2 times per year.
  • Value – According to Remodelers 2007 cost vs. value report, homeowners recouped nearly 88% of their initial investment.
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There are a variety of low maintenance accent products on the market today. They come in the form of cedar shake, ½ round scallops, trim pieces and moldings. Built with greater thicknesses and attention to detail, these products replicate the real thing. Whether you want to highlight one gable in the front or a whole section of the house, we can help you find the right style.
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