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There’s a lot of information out there to compare. Our approach is simple:
  1. We help you understand the information that’s out there.
  2. Together we will determine your short term and long term needs and wants.
  3. We will Work with you to find the product that is going to offer solutions and give you the most value for your money.
  4. We will then custom build a quality window or door that is built around your specifications.
If you’ve been thinking about replacing your windows or doors, how will you decide which ones to buy when there are so many to choose from? Will the product that fits your needs today, still perform years down the road?
As you start weeding out companies in your search for that ideal window, some things you should compare are frame and sash construction, thermal performance, available options, and warranty length and coverage.
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Premium Vinyl Windows

Not all vinyl windows are created equal. Some companies strive the meet the minimum requirements while others strive to exceed them. We don’t believe a company only meeting the minimum requirements will be around long enough to get better. That’s why we only install premium vinyl windows that are made to the highest standards and backed by companies with a proven track record.There are many benefits to vinyl windows as well as many different options today that weren’t available in the past:
  1. Cost. Significantly less than wood or fiberglass alternatives.
  2. Colors . Variety of colors available today. Reds, greens, blues, yellows. Different shades designed to accent your homes exterior.
  3. Wood grains. Interior laminates that can be stained or painted to give the appearance of a wood window.
  4. Custom sizes. Most replacement windows can be made within 1/8” of the sized requested.
  5. Value. According to the 2017 report from Remodeling Value Vs. Cost, an average of 73.9% of the initial investment could be recouped from the project.
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Premium Wood Windows

For natural beauty, nothing compares to a quality wood window. With its sleek lines and warm appearance, wood windows can add a dramatic change to any homes appearance. 

Some advantages to wood windows include:

  1. Energy efficiency. Wood is a natural insulator. It aids in stopping heat transfer and in blocking out unwanted sound.
  2. Warm Interiors. You can have the beauty of oak, cherry or pine and the option to choose between paints and stains.
  3. Low Maintenance. Most wood windows come with the option for aluminum or vinyl exteriors. This covering protects the exterior from outside elements and comes in a variety of colors. Just remember, this is still a wood window. Improper flashing and installation will lead to rot and failure.
  4. Strength. Woods natural strength allows the manufacturer to have more options in designing a window where overall size and weight are a concern.
  5. Slim frames. Because of its strength, wood frames and sashes are typically narrower, allowing for more visible glass.
  6. Custom sizes. More and more wood windows are entering the remodeling market. While custom sizes are available, they typically have more limitations than vinyl due to the higher cost in making them. Keep in mind; this is not to say that all remodeling projects require custom sized windows. This will depend on the existing windows, the homes exterior and the depth of the project.
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Entry Doors

When choosing an entry door, you should first consider whether you need a new slab (the door itself), or an entry system. This would include a pre-hung door in a new frame that’s been constructed for optimal performance against air leaks and moisture. Once that’s decided, next compare styles, durability and overall performance. Keep in mind that style and performance sometimes go hand in hand. The more glass in a door, the more energy that will pass through the door. We install steel and fiberglass doors. Both are insulated with a foam core and are more energy efficient than wood doors. Other benefits to these doors include:
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Steel Doors

  1. Low cost
  2. Available in many different styles and glass options.
  3. Factory primed and ready to paint.
  4. Weather resistant.
  5. Typical warranty from 2-10 years.
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Fiberglass Doors

  1. Natural wood look. Fiberglass can be molded with a smooth or wood grain surface with richer details giving it an authentic wood look.
  2. Beautiful finish. Can be ordered pre-finished from the manufacturer or completed on the job in either paint or stain.
  3. Durable. Won’t rot, warp, split, shrink or swell.
  4. Available in a wide range of styles.
  5. Typical warranty of 20 years and beyond.
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