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Insulation & Ventilation

1. Attic: Can account for up to 50% of a home’s total heat loss.
2. Basement: Heat loss can be as high as 25–30%.
3. Floors and crawlspaces: Floors can be cold when uninsulated.
4. Exterior walls: Poorly insulated walls can account for 20% of total home energy loss.
5. Ducts: Forced heated and cooled air won’t deliver consistent tem-peratures you want
The importance of R-value:
Insulation’s effectiveness is measured in R-Value. R stands for the insulation’s resistance to heat flow; heat escapes from your home in the winter and heated air enters your home in the summer. The higher the R-Value, the greater the resistance to heat flow and the greater your potential for saving energy, natural resources and money. Insulation rated as R-19 will provide greater resistance to heat flow than insulation rated as R-13. Many different R-Values are used in homes today based on the needs of the application. For example, your walls may contain R-13 insulation and your attic could have R-38 material

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