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Q. Where Can I find performance ratings for a window or door?

A. Look on the manufacturers website. Most will have a link to this data. Be skeptical of the one’s that don’t or only have limited information.

Q. Does the space between the glass make a difference?

A. Yes. Since the air between the glass becomes trapped when the window is sealed, it becomes an insulator. The wider the space or the number of spaces a window has will add to its energy efficiency. If the seal were to fail, air would move freely and have the opposite effect on performance. It is important to choose a window not prone to seal failure. Look for terms such as “low conductive spacer” or “warm edge technology” and choose the highest efficiency glass your budget can afford.

Q. What is covered under a typical window warranty?

A. It depends on the manufacturer. You may get a lifetime warranty covering certain parts of the window while only getting 10 years on the insulated glass. When comparing warranties, it is important to find out who and what is covered. If you’re installing windows to add value toward the sale of your home, will the warranty pass to the new owner. Or if there is a claim made, does it cover the cost of labor to fix the problem.