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How to get more than a Free Estimate

At Village Siding & Windows we believe that any type of estimate should be more than a piece of paper and a price. From a simple repair to a new project we want you to understand as much as possible. That’s why we’ve created easy to read documents that explain in simple terms some of the basic building fundamentals we follow. We also include a list of step by step procedures pertaining to the work along with a menu of product options including costs which allows you to pick and choose based on design and budget.

We also realize that when we first meet with a client that we must understand the reason why we were called in the first place. Sometimes there’s an urgency to fixing a problem while other times it’s about getting a project done before it becomes a problem. Then sometimes things change and for the moment you may have to put it on hold. That’s why at the very least we will leave you with a detailed inspection of your current conditions along with things to look out for and suggestions on fixes you can make yourself. We believe when you’re ready, you’ll call us back.

No pressure, no obligation. Keep navigating through the website for more information on us and our customers or give us a call.

Village Siding and Windows
Village Siding and Windows